Migration service

Migration and Education Consultancy is one of the most important industry that is responsible for raising and equipping the future generation, however it is sad to state that it is one of the most unregulated and deceptive industry. Unfair sales practices, false advertising,  shady admission practices, and incorrect information are just few issues that are so prevalent in the market.


L.I.M.E Consultancy was thus birthed with a desire to ensure that we stand out and be a market leader, not for getting the highest number of applications but for ensuring that each and every client feels safe and protected dealing with us as we continue to keep our customers at the heart of our business with an effort to ensure that we built long lasting relationships with each and every client.


Ultimately it is our goal to help everyone win and we accomplish this by offering a number of different visa options which are tailored to those looking to migrate permanently, work, study, or simply visit.

Process Flow

LIME Consultancy Process Flow

Immigration enquiry – Get in touch with us either by calling us or emailing us. The ball is in your court first, what are you waiting for? Call us now.

Talk to a Consultant – The first step towards your migration goal is your initial consultation where you have the opportunity to understand the process and we have a chance to understand your case.

Choose Country – We will determine the country based on your eligibility factors such as age, education, experience, English language and other factors.

Technical evaluation – Review and assess all the information and documentation necessary for your application and inform you of your likelihood of success.

Free Counselling -We will also advise you of any factors that may increase the prospect of a successful application.

Sign up with LIME Consultancy – Sign up for the service by paying the full fee.


Agreements Signed – Sign the agreements with the company and client.

Begin the process for the migration – Prepare and lodge your application with the Immigration Department. We will represent your application in the best possible way for a positive migration outcome.